Elevating the Science of Soil Crafting: Using Biochar to Increase Your Soil Microbe Population

June 25, 2021 | 4:15 pm | 320 | Cultivation

The major focal points in this presentation will be 1.) the relationship between biochar and the grower’s soil and 2.) how biochar enhances microbe populations in their soil to create better plants. Mark and Laurie Mann will share application details of using biochar in growing mediums to enhance microbe growth, reduce soil compaction, and increase nutrient efficiency.

Growers will benefit from this discussion on ways to naturally promote the soil’s microbiology, which will ultimately effect better rooting, faster harvest and elevated cannabinoid content.

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Mark and Laurie Mann, Owners, American BioChar Company

For over 30 years, Mark & Laurie Mann, owners of Plant Growth Management Systems and American BioChar Company, have been researching and developing programs and products to improve soils, root conditions and plant growth in both urban and rural landscapes. Since graduating from Purdue University with expertise in Forestry and Agronomy, Mark has been involved in establishing urban tree protocols, arborist equipment, paclobutrazol use and affects and in particular, urban soil improvements. Mark is regularly sought after as a presenter and educator and has consulted to over 400 companies and utilities in green maintenance programs Laurie graduated from Indiana University and taught Chemistry and Biology for over a decade. Laurie has presented Arborist Workshops to various audiences, maintains a blog and has been published in various arborist magazines, presented Webinars on TGRs, Soil Sciences and Biochar Applications, and spear-headed the design for the comprehensive Slide Chart for TGR Rates.