Efficient & Scaleable Pre-Roll Production Methods

May 18, 2024 | 12:00 pm | Room 1 | Operations Management

As the cannabis industry continues to experience challenges and consolidation, cannabis cultivators find themselves needing to make operational changes that will solidify their standing in the market. This presentation delves into strategies for cultivators to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and trim labor and production costs, all while paving the way for scalable growth. Drawing insights from Custom Cones USA, the industry expert in all things pre-rolls, this discussion provides actionable solutions for producers aiming to thrive in a dynamic pre-roll market.

Tyler York, Sr. Account Executive, Custom Cones USA

Tyler York brings over a decade of sales expertise, primarily in the tech industry, where he has held positions at leading companies including Zillow, Google, and Amazon. His experience spans advertising and marketing sales as well as assisting brands in expanding their e-commerce presence. Currently, as a member of Custom Cones USA, Tyler is dedicated to supporting cannabis brands, regardless of size, in scaling their operations effectively and providing top-tier pre-roll products in their markets.