Efficient Production of Greenhouse Hemp/Cannabis

May 27, 2021 | 1:45 pm | 209 | Cultivation

Focusing on specific areas of improvement within greenhouse production that allows you to lower your operating expenses and maintain more complete control over your entire growing operation. From automation, to custom nutrients, to eliminating plant additives, lowering electrical demand, increasing labor efficiency, and capturing in house data and research.

Highlight a handful of simple actions that growers can incorporate into their business to become more profitable, more sustainable and more efficient.

colin clark

Colin Clark, Horticulturist, CropKing Inc

Colin has studied and conducted masters research of hydroponic/aquaponic cultivation and greenhouse management at the University of Arizona, and has over 15 years of hydroponic/growing experience. As a business owner, Colin has designed and created one of the first hobby-scale ebb and flow hydroponic units for the retail market, as well as an all natural preventative pest spray. Colin has owned and operated the world’s first commercial hydroponic hop business, Hydro Hop Farms LLC. Colin has provided hydroponic consultation and research for numerous companies and universities worldwide specifically related to controlled environment hops and cannabis/hemp. Prior to joining the CropKing team, Colin worked as director of greenhouse research and design for Mammoth Microbes, a successful cannabis biotech company. Colin resides in Northern Colorado on his 60 acre hemp/hop farm complete with a CropKing greenhouse!