Effective IPM Strategies and Sticky Trap Monitoring

October 7, 2023 | 2:00 pm | Room 1 | Cultivation

Join us for an illuminating presentation on effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and dynamic monitoring techniques tailored to cannabis cultivation. Explore foundational IPM practices and discover the art of utilizing dynamic monitoring for proactive pest management, resulting in healthier plants and enhanced yields.

Key Points:

Grasp the core principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and its pivotal role in sustaining thriving cannabis crops.
Delve into a comprehensive framework of IPM best practices, including pest identification, thresholds, and cultivation practices.
Learn efficient techniques for strategic deployment of monitoring tools, ensuring timely pest detection and informed decision-making.
Uncover the benefits of integrating IPM strategies through real-world cases and practical examples.
Gain actionable insights for seamlessly incorporating IPM and monitoring techniques into cultivation routines.

Alexander Schroeder, Growers Market Segment Manager, AP&G Catchmaster

Alex Schroeder has spent 20 plus years immersed in the cannabis industry. Professionally, he has spent over 10 years consulting with cultivators; worked directly with, Royal Gold, Vital Garden Supply and Botanicare (now owned by Scotts miracle Gro, dba Hawthorne). With Botanicare in Research and Development and as a sales territory manager for Northern California, helping to develop KIND 3-part nutrient system, bakers rack flood trays, and broker the sale of the plant food brand Growilla Veg and Growilla Bud. Recently Alex has been awarded a Cannabis Nursery and Distribution Permit from the City of Cotati, CA and works as the national Growers Market Segment manager for Catchmaster Gro specializing in IPM tools for growers. In his years in the industry, he also helped to introduce commercial products to the cannabis industry such as, Hose Filters and affordable Black-Out Tarps for greenhouses. Alex grew up in the Emerald Triangle’s cannabis subculture and is highly regarded by his peers as an expert on strains, cultivation, and quality. His family goes back to the late 1800’s Humboldt California (Camp Humboldt) which is said by many as one of the birthplaces of Cannabis Subculture. He is committed to professionalize the expertise he and members of his community have built up over a lifetime, helping the industry prosper.