Dialing In Your Nutrients

April 1, 2022 | 11:30 am | Room 2 | Cultivation

Plant nutrients are a complex subject matter that even advanced growers may struggle to understand. Join us as we break down different categories of nutrients, release rates, element antagonism, plant life cycles, and many other subjects that will affect the decisions surrounding your approach to plant feeding.

We hope to help you dial in your own personal approach to plant feeding, as well as provide the resources for you to break down feeding programs, customize your choices, and eliminate redundant products from your grow.

Joel Perkins, Business Manager, Key Grow Solutions

As the Business Manager of Key Grow Solutions, Joel is dedicated to providing the cleanest and most-available plant inputs, all while helping to educate growers of any skill level on plant requirements and efficient usage. Throughout his decade of industry experience, Joel has managed nutrient companies, dispensaries, and commercial cultivation / production facilities.