Content, Collaborations, and Cannabis Entrepreneurial Investing Success

August 24, 2019 | 2:10 pm | Room 2 | Marketing & Branding

Daniel McCarthy will help attendees gain an understanding of the intersection of content and collaborations for successful cannabis branding from start up to exit strategy, as well as savvy investing in the blossoming national and international cannabis industry.

He will discuss thought leadership in terms of key branding and market collaborations that have worked, some that have proved troublesome, and simple execution strategies for vetting cannabis opportunities and content wins for successful brands.

daniel mccarthy

Daniel McCarthy, Director of Communications, Cannapreneur Partners

Daniel McCarthy is a 15 year seasoned journalist, speaker, and content expert who has written for Vice, Leafly, Boston Magazine, Esquire, Daily Beast, Boston Globe, and Sensi Magazine. He also previously taught media and branding at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis.