Civics Class for Marijuana Businesses and Entrepreneurs: How to Comply with Current Regulations and What you can do to Change Future Regulations

April 18, 2019 | 11:40 am | Room 2 | Business / Legal

In this seminar Dwight will discuss how compliance and community relations can make or break a marijuana business. From strategic community outreach tactics to common compliance pitfalls, this session will provide attendees with a roadmap to license approval and ongoing success.

He aims to offer Oklahoma operators and those seeking to do business in Oklahoma an overview of compliance and strategies for securing and keeping a license, including community outreach to gain acceptance and demonstrate their company’s unique value.


Dwight Clark, Vicente Sederberg LLC

Dwight Clark is a policy analyst, licensing specialist, and technical writer for the nation’s leading cannabis law firm. He’s drafted applications and worked on licensing issues across the US, and he manages the firm’s Oklahoma and Michigan programs.