Carbon: The Forgotten Macronutrient

May 27, 2021 | 11:15 am | 209 | Cultivation

The importance of carbon nutrition is often overlooked and forgotten in the cannabis industry, despite the prominent role it plays in determining final yield and quality. The primary target of this presentation is growers who are seeking to improve their results, and individuals who want to learn the mechanics of how carbon-based fertility programs work.

Terpenes and cannabinoids are roughly 80-90% carbon by weight, so if you are a grower who wants more THC, you need more carbon. This presentation will explore the mechanics of a carbon-based approach to improving cannabis plant productivity by focusing on how the elements which are collectively considered “macro and micronutrients” revolve around carbon metabolism in plants.

cannacon vendor

Nik Nikolayev, CEO, Rooted Leaf Agritech

Nik Nikolayev is a Washington resident, and founding member/CEO of Rooted Leaf Agritech – a manufacturer of specialty fertilizers focused on carbon chemistry as the key to unlocking plant productivity and health. He has been involved in the medical and recreational cannabis industry for over a decade, in both a professional and personal capacity. He has written several articles on plant nutrition, including two for Marijuana Venture magazine, the most recent of which focused on carbon as a macronutrient in commercial cannabis production.