Cannabis Security Overview

November 19, 2021 | 12:30 pm | 4D | Retail

This presentation will help identify security needs, various governing bodies, rules and regulations. I will help define what a “good” security system is based on various components and SOP’s.

Attendees will learn how to find the information containing the requirements placed upon them, how regulators will check for compliance, and policies that can provide long term cost savings to the licensee and business.

What does security mean? Is it a guard, camera or alarm? How can I ensure compliance? What is a Security Plan? Are there other steps I can take to mitigate risk and liability?

All of these questions and more will be posed, presented and answered. The industry is still trying to understand “what is Cannabis security?”

I want to help educate and add value in areas that not only benefit the license holder, but from the view point of the regulators as well.


Christopher Eggers, President/CEO, CC Security Solutions

Chris Eggers was a law enforcement officer for over 12 years in Oakland and San Francisco. He received extensive training from Police Officers Standard and Training (POST) regarding cannabis consumption, regulation, and compliance.

Chris consults with cannabis operators daily on their security, facility design, policies, and procedures. Chris intimately understands the burglar and robber mindset, and has a demonstrated history of effectively preventing criminal activity utilizing various design principles, security protocols, and operating procedures. Chris spent an extended amount of time working undercover for the Oakland Police Department, this experience allows him to understand security deficiencies and create security plans that minimize operators’ exposure to theft.

Chris interfaces with multiple law enforcement agencies as part of the permitting and licensing process in cannabis and is abreast of all the current regulations and procedures required of cannabis operators in California. In addition to these pursuits Chris is a member of the International Cannabis Bar Association, Rotary International, and ASIS, Chris also holds a valid private investigator license issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Chris has worked with municipalities including creating educational content for social equity applicants for the City of Los Angeles and their Cannabis governing body, DCR.