Cannabis Packaging: Navigating Branding, Product Quality, & Regulations

September 24, 2022 | 2:45 pm | Room 2 | Marketing & Branding, Operations Management

The rapid commercialization and acceptance of cannabis has given growers of cannabis access to the techniques and products used by their most admired cultivars. With more options available than ever for curing, storing, and packaging cannabis, this session will arm the audience with a broad knowledge of the techniques the most advanced cultivation operations are using to maintain their product integrity, in addition to exploring widespread practices that degrade cannabis.

Armed with the latest data and research in plant and material science, this session will leave listeners with the knowledge to improve the quality of their products by making informed packaging decisions that preserve cannabis quality after harvest. Growers, retailers, and even consumers interested in the impact the storage method of their product is having on their experience should join for a lively discussion full of tips and insights from the most cutting-edge grows in our industry.

lance lambert

Lance Lambert, CMO, Grove Bags

Lance has spent years cultivating brands and telling stories, formerly in the mainstream digital media and marketing space with companies like Scripps and prior to making the jump to the legal cannabis industry. Since a shift in late 2013, Lance has helped build big-name industry brands like WeedMaps, The Cannabist, and GreenBroz. He has had a strong focus on marketing and business development, taking these brand’s global. Along the way he has established a substantial cannabis-specific network around the world.

Lance more recently brought his varied knowledge and passion-first attitude to Grove Bags, where he’s been tasked with growing the company’s footprint with an eye toward moving into emerging markets around the globe. As a cancer survivor having grown up in Northern California, he has seen firsthand and embraced the benefits of cannabis, making it an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Having spent the past several years speaking at expos and conventions, he enjoys connecting with others interested in the different facets this blossoming industry has to offer.