Cannabis Packaging: Humble beginnings to Global CPG

August 26, 2022 | 1:30 pm | Room 1 | Cultivation, Processing

The rapid commercialization and acceptance of cannabis has given growers of cannabis access to the techniques and products used by their most admired cultivars. With more options available than ever for curing, storing, and packaging cannabis, this session will arm the audience with a broad knowledge of the techniques the most advanced cultivation operations are using to maintain their product integrity, in addition to exploring widespread practices that degrade cannabis.

Armed with the latest data and research in plant and material science, Jack’s session will leave listeners with the knowledge to improve the quality of their products by making informed packaging decisions that preserve cannabis quality after harvest. Growers, retailers, and even consumers interested in the impact the storage method of their product is having on their experience should join for a lively discussion full of tips and insights from the most cutting-edge grows in our industry.

Jack Grover, CEO, Grove Bags

Jack is the inventor of TerpLoc which is Grove Bags proprietary film. Grove Bags received a Dow Packaging Innovation award this year becoming the first company in the medical cannabis and hemp space to win such an honor. Jack has been a featured speaker at five major cannabis conferences so far this year where audiences gather to hear his insights on material science and plant biology. As a CEO, Jack has consistently led his company to 5x multiples of growth year in and year out. Grove Bags has become a household name in the industry. Jack and his company were featured in High Times in 2021, in addition to a variety of smaller publications. Grove Bags has packaged over 11 million pounds of product and can be found in over 50 countries around the world.