Cannabis Business and Banking Solutions

June 25, 2021 | 3:00 pm | 321 | Business / Legal, Finance

There is a common misconception that cannabis businesses cannot transparently bank their businesses. There are a handful of banks here in Michigan that accept cannabis businesses openly. Allison will explain how lending works and what unique circumstances cannabis lending holds, as well as how businesses can save money utilizing alternative payment options in their banking solutions.

Allison Smith will Demystify banking for cannabis businesses. She would like to explain the importance of shopping around for the best rates and looking at the long-term costs, hidden costs, as well as how to meet your business objectives.


Allison Smith, VP of Relationship Banking, G.W. Jones Exchange Bank

Allison Smith is the Chief Compliance Officer of G.W. Jones Exchange Bank. She created and implemented a compliant, transparent cannabis banking program for the bank.