Building Plans Submittal and 3rd Party Plan Review

April 5, 2024 | 4:00 pm | 1 | Compliance

This session will highlight the key hurdles with building plans during the review process and how
the 3 rd party plan review may help your business achieve a Certificate of Occupancy sooner
rather than later. Due to the plan influx at the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office, OKIE
Safety’s plan review division has recently been approved as a 3 rd Party Plan Reviewer. This
influx is largely due to OBNDD and OMMA’s requirements of having a certificate of occupancy
before renewing with OMMA and OBNDD.

Jonathan Strahorn; CFPE OKIE Safety Consulting

Jonathan Strahorn spent over 15 years in the Oklahoma Fire Service and retired as a Deputy
Chief Fire Marshal in 2021. Jonathan is currently reviewing plans and inspecting buildings as a
3rd Party Plan Reviewer for the over 50 jurisdictions throughout Oklahoma. Jonathan also held a
contract with the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office from 2018- 2021 as a Plan Reviewer.
Jonathan and his team are dedicated to meeting the needs of past and future, OKIE Safety has
expanded the business and partnered with Red Dirt Solutions to assist with building design and
project submittal, to ensure companies are constructing their facilities per state and city adopted
codes. This allows you as a customer to relax and know that your plans will be designed to code
and submitted to your local jurisdiction.