An Architect’s Perspective: A Virtual Fly-Through of Cultivations & Dispensaries

January 7, 2022 | 12:30 pm | A2 | Cultivation

During this presentation, you will virtually experience a cultivation facility and dispensary through a bird’s-eye view, seeing first-hand the systems and key design considerations that support the profitable operations of facilities. Participants will be transported through every area within the facility critical for the success of highly competitive cultivation and dispensary businesses.

Throughout this presentation of sustainable cultivation and efficient building design, you will find the plant at the center. The flythrough animation is narrated by Sam Andras, AIA, of MJ12 Design Studio. Sam entered the cannabis market in 2013 and has worked in 21 states and three countries; his experience includes over 100 cultivation facilities and 50 dispensaries totaling over 8 million square feet. Sam provides a whole-building perspective as well as discussion around the building’s hidden design details that are critical for plant health. Learn about Sam’s unique perspective to ensure the highest performance of, and interaction between, plants, people and processes.

sam andras

Sam Andras, AIA | MJ12 Design Studio