Michigan Grower and Processor Collaborations Can Eat Big Pharma’s Lunch

  June 22, 2019 |  2:40 pm

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Many cannabis users are worried that Big Pharma and the FDA will dominate the cannabis
market and destroy small producers. In reality, the state-by-state legalization of cannabis has
opened the door to start-ups, while excluding large and long-time established drug companies.
The state regulations allow product experimentation that could never be achieved on the federal
level; .each state license allows the grower and processor to make whatever products they wish,
without federal regulatory review for safety/efficacy. Plus, the grower/processor can change their
products at their discretion, without federal regulatory review/approval. This contrasts with the
federal FDA system, where each product takes years to gain approval, costs immense amounts of
money and once approved, is never changed.

Stephen Goldner, a medical inventor and FDA lawyer, teamed up with Dr. Deb Kimless, a
cannabis physician and developed a method that can be used by any grower and processor to
create unique cannabis products and bring them to market faster and more cost effectively. Mr.
Goldner will describe the process they used in Michigan and demonstrate ROI and break-even
cost structures that can be used by any individual in any state. Dr. Kimless will show medical
proof and data points based on their multi-site clinical trials that CBD relieves pain more
efficiently and safely than any drug produced by Big Pharma for pain relief. They will
demonstrate how any cannabis grower and processor can introduce new products faster and
better than large pharmaceutical or consumer products companies.

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