A Better Way To Do Business

May 19, 2023 | 11:00 am | Room 1 | Operations Management

The presentation would open with introductions, my co worker Scott and i would introduce ourselves, roles, and small background, than the same for the company. after introductions we would like to go over the variety of services you can outsource, including services we do not provide, to professional organizations, and why this a better way to do business. covering multiple options for a variety of businesses and their individual needs. At that point, Scott and I will ask for a show of hands for business owners and call on some people in the audience and ask them about their business and what their main pain points are in being an operator. Next do the same for managers. field those pain points with some solution options that we have dealt with first hand, again even into services we do not provide. Engaging with the room when the subject matter is mainly the importance of proper administration will help keep people engaged. If there is access to a projector we will have some solid data, some testimonials from people in the cannabis industry that we will try to chop out the majority of the advertising piece, and some comparisons of services covered by other providers so one can choose wisely. close with Q&A, give the room a big thank you and our booth is right over at 134!

Kevin Anderson, Territory Manager, The Caputo Group

The Caputo Group is a family owned, licensed PEO (Professional Employer Organization), three generations of helping businesses succeed for almost 30 years. We provide comprehensive HR solutions for small and mid-size businesses addressing all their needs in the areas of Human Resources, Benefits offering & Benefit Administration, Workers’ Compensation & Safety, Regulatory Compliance, Payroll & Administration, and so much more. If you have interest, we also provide bookkeeping services. Staffed properly internally on our clients end we operate at around 40% savings when compared to having your own internal team to handle these tasks. Your internal team member no longer needs to worry about all of the transactional HR, compliance issues like posters and legal updates, finding time keeping software, benefits administration, workers comp claims, employee handbooks, proper documentation, and many other administrative requirements. Thus reducing your needs to a minimum staff.

Alongside the services we provide, we are happy to be your first point of contact when other services are needed such as business insurance, legal aid, marketing, and any other services you may require. We have spent time vetting a group of providers that we feel will offer you honest business services. That can be hard to come by sometimes in the current environment, and we wouldn’t want you to learn the hard way. We are real people solving real problems in real time. You will always be able to reach a real human being at anytime.

Scott Rusczyk, Territory Manager, The Caputo Group

Scott has thirty (30) years of experience in business consulting, management, administration, and operations. Although non-practicing, he graduated Brooklyn Law School and became a partner a NYC corporate reorganization and bankruptcy law firm. Thereafter, Scott served as Executive Vice President of an LA based merger & acquisition firm specializing in acquiring, improving, and successfully selling companies in a variety of industries. Most notably, Scott was President of a Honduran knit apparel maker overseeing EBITDA growth from $0 to $7.0m in 4 years and was responsible for over 1,500 employees. Scott acted as Chief Operating Officer for a startup sustainable textile mill in Louisiana and currently provides business development services for The Caputo Group – a family-owned professional employer organization. Approaching all such projects from an owner/operator perspective, he is intimately familiar with sourcing and managing staff, financial and administrative matters, as well as operations.