5 Keys to Raising Capital in Cannabis CBD Hemp

August 27, 2022 | 1:30 pm | Room 1 | Business / Legal, Finance

Cannabis is an expensive industry to break into, so learning how to raise capital is key. Perception of businesses professionalism matters, especially in the cannabis industry. During this session we will learn the basics of lender and investor preparedness. Because your preparedness when 1st approaching and connecting with the capital markets will directly affect how they perceive your business and how the relationship develops. Learn the basics of the type of documents investors require prior to funding consideration. When so much is out of the business owners control it is key to control the controllables as much as possible. How you structure your team to plan and prepare to raise capital is directly in the owner’s control.

Raymond Guns, COO, Dope CFO Certified Advisors

Ray is an experienced CPA professional with national and international companies within the fields of audit, accounting, financing, and tax. He is the COO of the company known as DOPE CFO Certified Advisors which exclusively service’s business’s that are operating in the blooming cannabis industry.

After graduating with his Masters, obtaining his CPA license, and rising through the corporate ranks for 8 years he saw a need within the cannabis niche and started his own accounting practice. Ray has had a passion for the cannabis space since his youth when his family members started to grow for the industry. With his 8+ years of international corporate experience, and 4+ years of cannabis accounting and tax experience; he has developed the professional but flexible skills needed for serving the ambiguous and uniquely challenging cannabis industry.  

Daryl Jendras, CPA

Daryl brings a wide range of practical experience to client’s multistate tax needs.  He works with start-ups, mid-market, large, and Fortune 500 companies providing solutions and experience to a variety of state and local tax challenges.

Daryl has 30 years of public accounting experience working with multistate clients.   His focus is client centric, results driven and exceeding client expectations.

Saved clients millions of dollars through sales/use tax audit defense.  Implementing best practices to maximize profits and minimize tax liabilities.

Daryl has seen how medical cannabis has helped his relatives and entered into the cannabis nice with his own accounting and tax practice.  Daryl focuses on the four stages of cannabis vertical integration (cultivators, lab and extraction, manufacturing, and retailers and dispensaries) to ensure that companies maximize their profits while minimizing tax liability.  Therefore, maximize your company’s green!  

Sean Yoder, Certified Bookkeeper, Aldertine Cannabis CFOs

Sean Yoder is the co-founder of Aldertine Cannabis CFOs, providing world-class accounting management to the cannabis industry. He has more than 30 years of accounting experience, was a successful music industry entrepreneur in Los Angeles, and founded a successful non-canna accounting management firm in 2017. Sean grew up in Chico, CA, worked in the accounting department at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., is a graduate of the CSU, Chico Center for Regional and Continuing Education certified bookkeeping program, and considered the late Joey Ramone a good friend. He has been an AIPB certified bookkeeper since 2012 and a member of the Dope CFO VIP network since 2020. His experience in the cannabis industry stretches back nearly 30 years and he maintains strong ties to the legacy growers in rural Northern California’s Emerald Triangle with memberships in each county’s cannabis association.