California Legislative Update: SB 512, AB 1111, AB 687, and AB 374

August 4, 2023 | 4:10 pm | Room 1 | Business / Legal, Finance

He will cover in depth: AB 374, SB 512 – Cannabis Tax Bill, AB1111 – Farmer’s Market Bill, AB 687– Delivery Bill, If there is time we can touch on some other cannabis bills going through the appropriations committees in August.

Jerred Kiloh, President, United Cannabis Business Association

Jerred Kiloh is the President of the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) in Los Angeles, CA. Spending over 15 years operating in the California cannabis industry, Jerred has accumulated experience in cultivation, retail,  manufacturing, distribution, & cannabis legislation. Jerred owns The Higher Path Dispensary & The Other Path CBD store located in Sherman Oaks, CA. He is also an owner of Abide Dispensary in Napa, CA. Abide Napa partnered with Bottle Rock Music Festival & Live Nation this year to bring cannabis into the entertainment space. His degree in economics and knack for law make Jerred passionate about cannabis legislation. Along with UCBA, Jerred Kiloh has written numerous bills aimed at supporting our California Cannabis Industry.