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Massachusetts recreational marijuana

MAP: Find out what Massachusetts towns will or won’t allow recreational marijuana

Town-by-town, city-by-city residents are deciding if they want to be able to drive to the corner store to buy recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. State officials delayed the implementation of the law legalizing the recreational marijuana industry until July 2018, but residents in many towns and cities are voting this spring and summer to delay local implementation even longer. As of…

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CannaCon Boston | Boston City Guide

Why Attend CannaCon Boston?

If there are any lingering doubts about the emergence of cannabis into the mainstream, it’s time to put them to rest, forever. CannaCon—the nation’s preeminent cannabis industry convention—is gearing up for its biggest, brightest and best event to date, settling in Boston’s historic Back Bay district for three days beginning July 13, 2017. No doubt, CannaCon will be a fun…

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cannabis business cash | Cannabis Banking

Cashing In On Cannabis: CannaCon’s Banking Panel

Since Washington state legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, recreational cannabis sales have totaled over $1 billion, translating to more than $250 million collected in new taxes. Such substantial sales, however, have also brought problems for licensees in the form of cash. Because of marijuana’s federal status as a Schedule I substance, financial institutions continue to deny cannabis banking services to state licensed…

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cannabis event

A Cannabis Event Worth Its Weight In Weed

The most common question asked about a cannabis event is “Is it worth it?”, and I have to reply with a resounding “Yes!” for so many reasons, and some aren’t what you would think. Cannabis is society’s great equalizer; the seed doesn’t care if you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, or everything in between; it just cares that you know…

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cannabis industry event

The Making of a Cannabis Industry Event Without the Cannabis

The way Bob Smart dreamed up a cannabis convention is anything but conventional. “I was watching a TV show called Toy Hunter, and the main guy took some of the toys he had found to a Comic-Con, and for some reason, the word CannaCon floated into my head,” says CannaCon founder Smart. While most would have let this wayward thought…

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