Zen Products

zen products

Zen Products is a trusted Michigan company that since 2009 has been developing quality and cost effective solutions for growers. Keeping in mind that growers’ needs come in all sizes, Zen Products are able to be used in hobby to commercial settings. Zen Products has created the new standard in plant nutrition with its newest product of dry nutrients: Uno and EZ-Zentials A/B and Big Bhang bloom enhancer. Zen Products features grow solutions from clone systems, odor control, unique on plant propagation units, organic tea bags (Buddha’s Bag Grow/Bloom/Basic, and natural pest control (Angry John’s). Zen Products also created a successful full line of plant additives to include: Candy Man, Molashish, Strength, Cal Magnon, pH Up & pH Down and Organic pH Down. Zen Products continues to add grow accessories to our catalog to offer quality and savings to the customer. Growing for high yields, connoisseur grade or both, we offer cost effective solutions for all. Our roots are deep in Michigan but we are excited to expand into the World Wide market.