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WeedWare is a many-armed suite of digital tools to help you go beyond traceability and focus on sales, strategy and growth in this budding business. We have been in the technology industry since 1992 and after years of research and development, working closely with dispensary owners, grow facilities, and producers, WeedWare proudly delivered a complete software solution to the Cannabis industry.

An all-in-one Cannabis platform combined with superior customer service, WeedWare is conscious of our customer’s need to have secure, up-to-date, time saving and profit generating management tools, as well as having a personalized, one-on-one relationship with their software provider. And this is our commitment to you, customer service at a higher level.

For a free demo, to learn more about WeedWare and how it can benefit your organization, visit www.weedware.io or call us at (480) 470-1133.

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