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Vanquish lighting systems is a complete line of lighting developed specifically for the purpose of indoor growing. Developed in 2012 and building and foundation of loyal customers by providing the highest quality lighting and service the industry has to offer. With technology covering every option to the customer we offer a complete line of reflectors, bulbs, and ballasts that incorporate the highest quality components, sourced from all over the world. Vanquish lighting continues to develop new products as the market expands keeping customers on top of the latest products that the market has to offer. With quality control as our number one focus in production we are able to offer products that are FCC, ETL, CE, and UL certified. These are not your typical lighting systems, we continue to have the lowest THD (total harmonic distortion), RF (radio frequency) shielded, 99.9% efficiency systems putting out some of the highest par values, highest lumens, and lowest return rates the industry has to offer. We back our products with a warranty that will give you peace of mind while approaching the market with the most competitive pricing you can see why Vanquish lighting has continued to grow strong. We thank all our loyal customers for their support, and if you are not yet familiar with Vanquish Lighting Systems check out today. All products distributed exclusively by Great Lakes Garden Wholesale.


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