United Strains of America

United strains Of America

United Strains of America – Wholesale was created by two Southern California based friends with a shared lifelong passion for growing amazing cannabis. After testing and growing out seeds from breeders across Europe, we decided it was time to create a seed bank in America focusing on the wholesale buyer’s needs.

After years of strain hunting, experimentation and endless nights refining (and arguing over) the best ways to germinate; which nutrients to use; whether autos were the play; and whether indoor or outdoor growing is better, we were finally ready to launch.

We think United Strains of America has everything a US based grower could need to create a perfect crop. We consider United Strains of America to be the best seed bank in the US and we are proud to offer a diverse array of feminized and autoflowering seeds, from Indicas to Sativas and High CBD strains to High THC strains.

Our seed quality – just like our country – simply cannot be beat. Our Germination Guarantee ensures you buy with complete confidence while our comprehensive Grow Guides will help you avoid many of the mistakes we made in the beginning. Buy in bulk and grow with United Strains of America and take your first steps toward a beautiful, bountiful harvest. Whether you’re planting a single seed in a grow closet or a cultivating a waving field of green (not amber grain) we’re with you every step of the way.