True Terpenes

Operating out of Portland, Or. USA, True Terpenes specializes in the sourcing and proper use of high-quality, 100% pure and always certified botanical terpene isolates.
Through its commitment to curating a library of detailed plant analytics and extensive on-site research and development, True Terpenes has positioned itself as an industry expert and trusted producer of precision terpene blends, particularly for quality-driven
developers of cannabis products at all production scales.
Expanding the knowledge base of terpenes continues to be central to its mission and by offering complementary business consultation and consumer education, True Terpenes is at the forefront of showcasing how terpenes can be a dynamic factor in customizing and standardizing the aromas, flavors and effects of its customer’s lifestyle products.
With a growing international customer-base and intellectual network, True Terpenes aims to share its expertise in pure aromatics to help companies create safe, beneficial and successful products within and apart from the cannabis industry in the years to come.

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