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Terpenes are what provide cannabis it’s own specific smell, taste and effect. Without the array of terpenes found in each individual cannabis strain, they would almost all smell, taste, and make you feel the same.
It is the combination of these terpenes that provide the wide assortment of possible therapies from one plant. One could say terpenes are the catalyst to your therapy.
Terpenes, when inhaled alongside cannabinoids, interact with the endocannabinoid system to facilitate the onset of your therapy. They can increase and decrease dopamine & serotonin production, speed up THC absorption, & alter our moods.
Here at True Extracts Terpenes we create mirror image replicas of the original cannabis terpene profiles from using natural organic steam distilled terpenes.
We have lab tested, so far 200+ Award Winning Specifics Strains that by using a precise mathematics formula with the accuracy of 0.01% we are capable to breaking down each profile, and that’s how we recreate every single Terpenes profile. We have the largest selection of strain specific profiles in the nation.
No artificial flavor or chemicals is added to our products. No artificial food grade flavors with proprietary blends.
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