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Tri-Hydroponics | cannacon oklahoma city 2019

TRI-Hydroponics is a wholesale lights and garden supply company based in Colorado, USA.

We are proud to have one of the largest ranges of high quality lighting fixtures in the business, covering every voltage, multiple wattages and an extensive variety of ballast configurations. Not only do our fixtures come with adjustable light spreads but they are compatible with all double-ended lamps of HPS/MH 600W-1000W and CMH/LEC 630W/945W/1000W. Our fixtures and lamps are entirely interchangeable, meaning you’ll never need to change fixture should you choose to switch lamps!

We know our customers want plenty of choice, but they also want their products well made and at a fair price. That’s why we combine American ingenuity with the best of European craftsmanship; buying our lamps from respected European manufacturers, primarily in Germany, and designing all our fixtures here in Colorado.

At TRI-Hydroponics we’ve also got your back covered for those all-important day to day consumables which every grow space requires. We supply a range of hydroponics growroom essentials, including our famous coco with the lowest EC (Electrical Conductivity) on the market. Unlike many of our competitors, whose coco grows besides ocean salt water, our premium selected coco is nurtured alongside natural mountain water, making it 100% pure, 100% organic, and entirely chemical free. In controlled tests, legendary garden writer Mr. Jeff Lowenfels found TRI-Hydropnics coco to be purer and contain more microbes than any other retailer.

At TRI-Hydroponics you get more for less. But don’t just take our word for it! The strong and lasting relationships we’ve built in the industry, and continue to build, are earning us a brand name recognised for high quality and great value.

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