Thompson Duke


Thompson Duke Industrial started as a Professional Engineering firm retrofitting and automating supercritical cannabis extraction equipment and has quickly evolved in conjunction with National Recreational Marijuana Laws to manufacture a line of automated products that enhance cannabis production, processing, and distribution. Our mission is to be the leading cannabis automation engineering firm all across the United States of America. We believe deeply in the power of cannabis and we support our clients by providing professional engineering services that are simple to use, reliable in their operation, and sustainable for the business and the environment. Most importantly we want to provide automation engineering services that enhance your product without displacing the essential human component that defines the cannabis industry and is the reason for its existence in the first place.

What is Thompson Duke Industrial?

Professional electrical, chemical, civil, mechanical & controls engineering. The Cannabis industry is very dynamic as national public opinion shifts more in favor of legalization every single day. As this transition happens, cannabis producers, processors, packagers and distributors are experiencing rapid growth to meet demand that can sometimes lead to painful bottlenecks or chokepoints. Thompson Duke Industrial specializes in providing high level Professional Cannabis Engineering and Automation services to resolve these issues, specifically to improve your efficiency, to increase your throughput, and to prevent product loss.

Innovative Automation

Innovative Automation is the heart and soul of Thompson Duke Industrial. If you have a cannabis problem, whether or not it exists right now, we have the solution. See, Thompson Duke Industrial is young but our Engineers are exceptionally experienced. Our firm was born as a natural outgrowth from our parent company where we specialize in water/wastewater treatment and distribution, power generation, and industrial automation (think big machines moving lots of complex parts). Like a collection of master growers discussing the nuance of trichromes, the Thompson Duke team provides hundreds of years of collective, practical, real-world experience dedicated to making your problem ours, and solving it in the most efficient, cost-effective, sustainable way possible. If there’s something you need to improve, we have the technical know how matched with the respect for the plant. That’s Innovative Automation.

Made in America

Thompson Duke Industrial is owned and operated out of Portland, Oregon and we serve the entire United States of America in person. Everything we build is assembled from the finest components available and sourced as locally as possible. Being Made in America matters to us. It’s not just about the superior quality, reliability, craftsmanship, or customer service that comes with knowing something is proudly built in the USA. We are proud and believe deeply in this country. While some of our foreign competitors offer cheaper knock-offs or pirated versions of our very own patent-pending products, there is no denying that at the end of the day the quality of our products is unrivaled and being able to deliver them to our customers knowing that is the kind of prideful feeling that money will never buy.

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