The Hand That Heals

The Hand That Heals | cannacon okc 2019
It started with a need. To Connect. To share. To inspire other people who feel alone or like they don’t belong. Our family has walked one of the most beautiful tragic journeys’, and through it all we have found hope in the face of darkness.
Our lifestyle blog is a multi-dimensional collection of the information we have and continue gain along our journey, as well as insights, the quirks of having a medically complex child, product reviews and discussions about the incredible people we meet and places we see along the way. There’s no fluff, no filters, just us.
Our More Than Special Needs clothing line was inspired by my daughter, Maddie, who suffers from a terminal illness called Zellweger syndrome. This line was designed to help bring awareness to the desperate need for inclusion of all children in every aspect of life, and let’s be real these kids have more personality than most adults. They deserve choices.
In 2017, I self-published Just Breathe, Baby. A first of its kind book of poetry offering readers a first time look into what it is like being told your child is out of medical options. What happens when a parent finds hope in cannabis.
This year at Cannacon Seattle, one of our founders, Meagan Holt, will be debuting her 2nd and most long awaited book. This has been 5 years in the making, but is finally complete. A Different Kind of Journey; Effectively Advocating For Your Medically Complex Child. This book is a welcome to the parenting club no one wants to join. It is advice, tips, and notes from a fellow more than special needs mom. A book to remind parents and caregivers in the beginning of their journey that there is hope and above all, you are not alone.
All in all we offer real products & advice, from a real family, with real struggles. Dedicated to being the hand that is there when no one else is.

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