The Canna CPA’s

the canna cpas

The Canna CPAs caters to the cannabis space. Faced with the limitations imposed by IRC 280E, cannabis touching entities need the help of a knowledgeable and savvy CPA firm.

Sandy Suchoff CPA found the CPA practice in 1997 and has been featured as a tax advisor on MSNBC and on FOX News. She has been interviewed by newspapers and podcasts and is currently co-authoring a tax strategy book.

The Canna CPAs can help you navigate the harsh impact of IRC 280 E which denies cannabis touching entities the ability to deduct most expenses. We provide peace of mind through strategic planning to afford you the most possible deductions legally and keep you protected against imminent IRS audits.We use GAAP Cost Accounting that is necessary to deduct your allowable Cost of Goods Sold.
We provide the Cannabis owner with:
• More money: through our strategic tax planning, unique budgeting, improved cash forecasting, compliance and more.
• Online Perpetual Data Room: storing all of your accounting, legal and other important documents.
• Lower taxes: We help cannabis clients deduct more Cost of Goods Sold to lower their taxes through proper compliance.
• Lower Taxes for Cannabis touching entities. Did you know GAAP Cost Accounting is required to be performed all year for you to
maximize your tax deductions under IRC 471? If not done, your deductions are not allowed.
• IRS Cannabis Audit Representation: for over 20 years we have been representing taxpayers before the IRS. The combination of our
audit experience and expert knowledge with IRC 280 E enables us to afford you the best representation for any IRS cannabis audit.
• Customer Service: we cater to our clients! We are there to help you when you need it.
• Expertise: We know accounting & tax, we know finance, we know cannabis, and its operations.