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Technology Unlimited Inc.

tech un inc

Unsurpassed Service, Then and Now

Technology Unlimited Inc. (TUI) began in 1983 as a maintenance and equipment provider for the Pacific Northwest financial services industry. Since then, Technology Unlimited has expanded its reach to the greater Western United States while also greatly expanding our portfolio. We now offer full-service solutions in check-processing, Cash automation, remittance processing, document management, service bureau production scanning, branch automation and financial equipment, maintenance and supplies. We have gained a reputation for innovative solutions and transparent business processes.

TUI has partnered with several industry leaders to provide our financial, retail, medical, municipal and utility customers with best-in-breed hardware, software and development. TUI is proud to be one of Canon’s leading Image Filing Systems (IFS) Dealers in the country.  Currently, our dealerships, distributorships and authorized hardware maintenance service include: Diebold, Canon, Glory, Billcon, Bell & Howell, Panasonic, Sharp, Magner, Reis, ShearTech, Panini, Digital Check, Unisys, RDM, Hedman, among many others. Our software portfolio includes: FileBound for Document Management Solutions and AQ2, and AFS for check-processing, Check21 and remittance solutions.

Our product mix and vendor partnerships continue to adapt to the changing industry trends and technology developments. However, the foundation of our company remains the same: providing full-service, customized solutions that allow our customers to manage, improve and automate their business processes.  In our company’s 33+ year history, we have established a legacy of partnership – with our vendors AND customers.

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