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PreRoll-Er specializes in pre-roll automation and packaging equipment solutions, as well as automation for the cannabis, marijuana, and hemp industries. Our equipment is manufactured in North America (Montreal, Canada, and Las Vegas, USA). We are a packaging equipment manufacturer and integrator that strives to improve the customer experience. The PreRoll-Er 200, our flagship product, is a pre-roll machine for cones and cylinders with automated and semi-automated options. It’s compatible with all strains, including infused cannabis, and produces up to 1,300 pre-rolls per hour. We guarantee a weight of 0.01 g by weighing before and after filling. Our machine can come with a direct oil injection system as an option. We also offer innovative solutions: 1. Tube and jar packaging solutions 2. Labeling applications 3. Labeler for all types of packages (tubes, jars, boxes, bags) 4. Filling equipment 5. Capping for tubes and jars 6. Bagging equipment 7. Flower packaging solutions 8. Box packaging equipment 9. Custom packaging solutions We only build quality equipment that meets Canadian and American regulations (CSA, UL approval). We use high-quality components. Our dedicated team of experts supports our clients around the world with state-of-the-art automation tools.