portal 42

Portal42 hit the Detroit Cannabis market in 2015 and quickly became the most popular point of sale in MI. We bring dispensaries everything they need to grow with a true all-in-one software platform. Our software is budtender friendly, saves you money by offering all your ancillary services for one low subscription, and boosts staff productivity. Our platform includes Point of Sale, e-commerce and online menu, delivery, curbside, and payment processing just to name a few. Our enhanced digital loyalty program allows a level of customer engagement that has not been seen in the cannabis industry. Because we specialize in cannabis retail, we have committed to hiring staff who have been on the front lines and in the trenches of our industry. Our staff and customer support team have almost 30 years in the cannabis industry as budtenders, store managers, cultivators and more. With first hand dispensary experience and knowledge our customer success team ensures your staff has the absolute best support in the industry. We have a history of being on the forefront of compliance in cannabis. We were the first point of sale to report sales and customer limits in real time with Metrc. Our preventative measures were eventually adopted by state regulators for use in all dispensaries in the state for compliance. Because we take compliance seriously you can be sure that we are going to go above and beyond to do what we can to keep your store in compliance and avoid any violations with your state. Because we allow full customization of how to create your dispensary, you can have the exact dispensary you want instead of changing the way you run your store to fit your POS. Begin today and take your store to a new level in 2022 and grow your store with the Portal42 family. We look forward to meeting you!