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Organic REV

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Organic REV – the all-natural growth stimulant derived from a highly unique reed-sedge peat bed formed by an ancient glacial lake. REV uses the lake’s native microbiology to create a soil environment that encourages root growth. REV is literally teeming with such a variety of microbes it is referred to as a “Living Humate”. REV is not a nutrient BUT it allows your plant to utilize added fertility and nutrients in the soil more effectively. REV is a rich source of humic acid. REV Is a naturally occurring form of carbon. REV is truly a one-of-a-kind product that makes ANY plant stronger and healthier.

REV is a unique and NATURALLY-OCCURRING mix of readily available organic carbon. humic and fulvic acids and a dazzling population of beneficial microbials. Nothing is lab-bred or chemically extracted from coals. We simply take what nature created, reduce the particle size to 3-5 microns and suspend in water. Our microscopic particle size allows the organic matter in REV to be absorbed directly into the leaf.

REV is particularly effective on cannabis and can be used safely from seed to harvest. REV will increase root mass, enhance nutrient uptake and improve water retention. What does that mean to you?

Healthier, fuller plants
Faster growing plants
Increased yields
Reduced need for fertility
Stronger, heartier plants that resist disease and all other outside challenges.
PH = 6.8 (Neutral)

REV is not just for the professionals anymore. REV brings the unique formula used for decades by top organic farmers, groundskeepers and landscapers to YOUR grow!

Dilution rate = 1oz per gallon of water.

Application can be done via regular watering OR by foliar spray.

For cannabis, most growers add REV every 10-14 days along with their standard fertility routine. REV is NOT a nutrient (0-0-0 NPK) Overuse will do no damage but is not necessary. Most vegetables and flowers thrive on just a single feeding.

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