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Orbis Mesh Technologies



Founded in 2018 by Jason Chao, Orbis Mesh is building a sustainable, wireless, and efficient world using Mesh Network Technology.

We believe it’s time to change how the world is connected.

Orbis Mesh Network technology leaves cables and airtime charges in the past. Using a decentralized signal independent of telecommunication networks, devices relay data and commands through a network built solely by the devices. This system can be scaled up to hundreds of meters and is accessible from a single point.


The technology builds a stable, self-configuring wireless system which transforms any connected device into a router. Devices link to their neighbour, building the most efficient path of communication using a radio frequency. The system eliminates wires and cords in short range applications and replaces them with a wireless, low energy alternative, free of airtime charges.

Using this technology water wasted in irrigation systems can be reduced up to 60%. Energy consumptionsystem monitoring, and automation technology can be optimized and monitored from a single source. Orbis Mesh Technology is committed to be an affordable solution, and a leader in of Smart City Technology.

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