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There is a lot of talk about vertical farming, but not much about horizontal farming. Why? Because conventional horizontal grow systems require space-wasting fixed aisles.

But Montel mobile grow rack systems cut back space-wasting aisles. With only one aisle, you double your growing capacity within the same square footage without having to expand.

Grow more intelligently horizontally. In most cases, Montel’s high-density growing systems save up to 50% of your floor space and accommodate growth for other uses while increasing revenue. They could also give you 100% more growing capacity within the original floor space, eliminating the need to move, expand, or build a new facility.

Best-in-class vertical growing systems

Quality is not expensive—it’s priceless. Over the years, our knowledgeable engineers continue to improve our products in order to provide the highest levels of quality, reliability, design flexibility, and durability—all with a competitive price tag.

With engineered gear ratios and high-quality components, Montel products are the smoothest running mobile grow rack systems on the market. It is effortless to move one or multiple mobile carriages all at once. Discover the features and benefits unique to each Montel product.

Our expert horticulturists work in concert with Montel’s R&D team to thoroughly test and develop the best products in the industry.