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Strip Like a Pro with MEGASTRIPPER Bucking Machines Setting the new Industry Standard for Cannabis Bucking Machines. Designed, manufactured, and sold in south Central Tennessee the MEGASTRIPPER Bucking Machines are thoughtfully crafted with the commercial grower in mind. The MEGASTRIPPER provides a max. stem diameter of 1″. The .5 HP variable speed motor was carefully considered to meet your cannabis farming needs & hold up to the rigor of harvest. Not only do you have the option of variable speed, but you can also change the stripping plate to suit the needs of your farm to provide the most efficient use of your bucker. Custom plates are also available. The MEGASTRIPPER easily takes the place of 5+ men, saving time and capital to assist you in streamlining your cannabis operation. The MEGASTRIPPER offers portability with fold in legs and locking swivel casters making storage or transport a breeze. Made in the USA