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Do you have the 3 most important positions filled for your cannabis business?

A trained expert cannabis lawyer, CPA and accountant. These roles are crucial to stay compliant and profitable.

Medbook provides outsourced cloud accounting/bookkeeping services for Cannabis businesses.

• Cloud-based accounting platform (AICPA approved) – dashboard access available for the owner, executive, investors and CPA at all times
• Dashboards for cannabis specific financial information (examples: Daily Cash Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Profit & Loss – Rolling, Budget vs. Actual and Balance Sheet)
• Cloud document storage for all receipts, corporate, financial, tax, insurance and contracts
• Recording of cash management movement (collection, banks, vendors, payroll, taxes)
• Recording of POS data
• Payroll provider access available
• Sales Tax Reconciliation and filing
• Excise Tax Reconciliation and filing
• Preparation of GAAP Accruals including required Cost Accounting
• GAAP Financial Statements
• CPA provider access available
• Budgeting and Forecasting Reporting
• Audit, Lender and Investor ready books


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