Laboratory Products Sales, Inc. (LPS)

Struggling to find high quality laboratory equipment and consumables for your processing and testing facilities? That’s where we come in! Laboratory Products Sales, Inc is a small, woman-owned distributor of laboratory equipment, consumables, glassware, biochemicals and PPE. With over 40 years experience working with Life Science, Educational, Industrial and Government Laboratories throughout the US, we have the experience, knowledge and extensive portfolio needed to outfit your facility. Product categories include Items for: HOMOGENIZATION / GRINDING, QuEChERS PROTOCOL & SUPPLIES, CHROMATOGRAPHY SUPPLIES, GLASSWARE, MAGNETIC BEAD-BASED PURIFICATION, REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, CRYOSYSTEMS, CENTRIFUGATION, MIXERS, STIRRERS, BOTTLE-TOP DISPENSERS, WIRELESS MONITORING SYSTEMS, TEMPERATURE CONTROL EQUIPMENT, DESICCATORS, BALANCES, SAFETY PRODUCTS & APPAREL, GENERAL LAB CONSUMABLES & EQUIPMENT.