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Incredibles | cannabis entrepreneurs

Founded by Bob Eschino and Rick Scarpello in 2010, Medically Correct LLC, the parent company of the incredibles brands, provides quality and consistent edibles, extracts, and wellness products to the cannabis marketplace in several legalized states.  Having a combined thirty years in business development and food production expertise, Eschino and Scarpello began the company with a focus on infused chocolate, becoming a ‘cult-classic’ with budtenders and gaining the status of Colorado’s most awarded edible company.  Also offering gummies, mints and tarts on the edible line, incredibles makes it a point to accommodate consumers with various allergens and dietary restrictions, having gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan options.  The company offers edibles for both new and experienced users, too, having products that range from 1mg THC to 100mg THC per dose.

 With the patented incredible Extractor, a closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction machine, incredible Extracts produces high-end cannabis concentrates using in-house grown material to create terpene-rich live resin and vape pens.  Inspired by several medical patients, some children with various conditions including epilepsy, incredible Wellness offers patient-focused products which include tinctures, bath salts and cannabis suppositories in various THC:CBD ratios.

All Medically Correct products undergo rigorous quality assurance, being triple third-party Lab Tested to ensure consistency in potency and safety in consumption.

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