Iluminar Lighting

iluminar | cannabis industry south

We are Light, guiding our inquisitive consumers to the truth of lighting.
We are Brilliant, a team of engineers, growers, seasoned product developers that have gathered to deliver a fantastic product.
We are Growing, always leading and delivering the largest selection of Emitter and fixtures.

ILUMINAR LIGHTING, a growing truth in the indoor lighting category. Educating our consumers of the physics and dynamics light abides by, so decisions are made to form an instructed position and not a marketing one. Speaking from the laws that bind us and informing our industry of the illusions most try to use to gain the sale.

Iluminar Lighting is more than just the recreation of light for plants, and it’s a refocusing of the importance of directing the correct solution to our consumers, gardeners, and commercial developers. We are separating ourselves from the billion-dollar marketing engines pushing margins before truth or a customer’s best interest. Moreover, we are guiding and educating our consumers to understand the physics of what makes ILUMINAR LIGHTING that much better than everyone else.

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