iFill Cup

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Get your favorite coffee, roasted fresh to order and ground exactly the way you want, in a convenient and 100% recyclable single-serve pod. Simply select your favorite artisan roaster from our extensive list of third-wave partners, and your chosen roaster will grind and fill the pods to your exact specifications.

Studies have shown that coffee loses up to 70% of its flavor and aroma within a month of roasting. iFillCup’s™ partnerships with local artisan roasters means that your coffee will never sit around in a warehouse, growing old and stale. When you place your order, your chosen roaster will roast and grind your beans the same day, and fast shipping means that your coffee will arrive at your door at the absolute peak of freshness.


iFillCup’s™ unique single-serve pods use a pleated polypropylene filter that is 10X stronger than the paper filter used in other cups on the market. When compared to K-Cups®, iFillCup™ single-serve pods hold up to 50% more coffee! Our unique design allows the heated water to soak more thoroughly into the grounds, yielding a deeper, richer cup of coffee than our competitors.

iFillCup™ is proud to have created the first 100% recyclable single-serve pods on the market. Unlike Keurig K-Cup® and other similar pods where only some parts of their cups can be recycled, our iFillCup™ is made entirely of #5 polypropylene from top to bottom, including the lid, filter, and cup. With iFillCup’s™ pods, you can place the whole pod into your recycling bin with no worries.


Order directly from your favorite artisan roaster, cutting out the middleman and eliminating any 3rd party markup. The coffee of your choice is delivered directly to your door, with same-day order fulfillment and fast, free shipping.

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