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Hydra Unlimited

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HydraMax, from Hydra Unlimited, is a comprehensive hydroponics system designed to take your grow to the next level and beyond.

Hydra Unlimited is pushing the boundaries of deep water culture evolution. Deep water culture, commonly known as DWC, is a hydroponic process for plant production that entails suspending the plant’s roots in a nutrient-rich solution of oxygenated water.  Hydra Unlimited takes the guesswork out of crop maintenance by seamlessly providing the ideal water and nutrients to your plants resulting in healthier plants and higher yields.

HydraMax systems include HydraFlex circulators in every bucket which replace the need for air stones and air pumps.  These circulators evenly feed and oxygenate each of your plants quickly and efficiently.

HydraMax, eliminates the need for a reservoir.  Nutrients are added into the dosing system attached to the pump.  Nutrients are then pump directly to each plant within seconds… all at the same time.

Our engineers have designed HydraMax to take the work out of setup and cleaning with quick and easy assembly and reassembly with just a few snaps of our patented Qwik-Lok™ plumbing system.

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