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Winner of the coveted High Times Magazine award “Best Grow Tent of 2018!”

HighDroGro is on the move. In one year, we have achieved brand recognition in the Cannabis industry.  New Growers and master growers alike have embraced our approach and design!

To establish ourselves we launched our business with the first “all in one box” grow tent kits. We did that by offering a simple, elegant low-cost solution to the new grower

We were quickly recognized for the high quality of our grow tents. They stand strong alongside the elite competition in the grow tent space.

…and now we begin to carve our space in the Professional Grow Tent arena.   Our 4×4 & 5×5 Grow tents will capture the imagination! Our unique design continues to showcase our desire to give you more access and more visibility!

We are the first to provide 3 full doors and 3 vinyl windows.

Beautiful, Sturdy, Durable…welcome to the new look of professional level indoor growing…!

“At HighDroGro, we are innovative, we are listeners, we are growers and we are consumers. We are committed to serving the growing community with the highest quality grow tents and growing equipment. We understand we are here to provide you the tools to improve your growing experience. We will always strive to simplify the process, improve the results and do it in a way you can afford.”

-Felix Alanis, CEO

Embrace the freedom to grow your own!

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