Hara Supply


HARA Supply directly operates 14 manufacturing sites, spanning over 250,000 square feet of the highest-quality pre-rolled cone production using the world’s finest European rolling paper. Hara Supply currently has over 4,000 personnel based in India, along with HQ office and warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada. HARA Supply currently produces over a billion pre-rolled cones per year for the cannabis industry’s largest entities.

HARA Supply and its team are dedicated to providing the highest quality products for our customers. Our production is certified GMP, ISO 9001:2015, and HACCP for distinction in quality management systems. We meticulously implement excellence within the 5 principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) at every step, i.e. people, premises, processes, products and procedures. Additionally, our QA team has developed a rigorous 13-step quality control process that ensures we deliver consistency, quality, and compliance.

From our ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facilities to our world-class customer service team, HARA Supply provides our customers with superior quality, faster lead times, and an unmatched customer experience. HARA Supply is driven by a host of business solutions for some of the most premier brands in the space including: Custom Packaging, Custom Pre-rolled Cones, Child Safe Packaging, Product Sourcing/Manufacturing, ODM & OEM solutions.

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