Hanever Tech, LLC

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Havener Tech has been providing Spray Polyurethane Foam services and solutions throughout the Midwest since January of 2013. Our headquarters is located in Troy, Michigan and is run by a team of owner/operators with 40 years
of on-site construction experience.

Since incorporating in 2013, we have installed over 2 million board feet of Spray Polyurethane Foam, Specialty
Coatings and Coated Foam Roofing

Havener Tech’s knowledge of building envelopes and insulating techniques allows us to assist in every phase of a
construction project. From pre-construction all the way to final completion. We provide versatile and efficient
engineered insulation systems.

Over the last decade, Havener Tech has built a vast network of clientele by providing great service, quality
installations, and expertise that our clients have come to respect.