GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures

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GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures, the finest line of custom growing solutions.

As a Growers Supply brand, GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures has been providing the growing and agricultural industry with the highest-quality greenhouse structures and consultation for over four decades. As a greenhouse megastore, Growers Supply created GrowSpan to help growers reach their full potential, and no matter the size of the operation or the crops being grown, there is an ideal GrowSpan greenhouse that can support and improve business.

When purchasing a GrowSpan greenhouse or growing structure, customers will work with a Greenhouse Specialist from beginning to end. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists have years of experience working in and with the growing industry, so they can make suggestions and provide invaluable advice for growers and operations of any size. They can help every step of the way, and since GrowSpan is a Growers Supply brand, everything can be done in-house, ensuring complete control over the project. Growers purchasing a GrowSpan structure can rest assured that it is designed, engineered and manufactured with the utmost care, and growers can also take advantage of flexible, in-house financing and installation.

When purchasing a GrowSpan greenhouse, customers will also have access to the wide array of products found in the Growers Supply catalog. With over 30,000 products dedicated to the growing industry, customers will be able to outfit their greenhouse and operation with all the accessories, tools and horticultural products that they need.

GrowSpan is owned and operated in the United States. GrowSpan greenhouses are manufactured and distributed in Dyersville, Iowa and the company’s headquarters, which is where the Greenhouse Specialists can be found, is in South Windsor, Connecticut.