GrowFilm® Lighting Systems – Revolutionizing Indoor Growing


GrowFilm emitters will produce higher yields in less time, while consuming minimal amounts of energy. With an efficacy of up to 3.5 μmol/J, our flexible form factor requires no heat sink, allowing for low-cost applications. Our emitters weigh just 2.4 ounces, eliminating the need for heavy-duty mounting brackets. Our patented “many points of light” provides the most even uniformity. GrowFilm emitters have proven to shorten grow times increase turns and yearly production. Controlled trials at the University of Minnesota and with state-of-the-art CEA growers, have validated our claims with real data. One independent, field test grow showed a reduction of grow time by 39% and increased yield (wet weight) of 49%!

GrowFilm is revolutionizing indoor growing facilities. Leveraging the latest LED innovations and form factor, GrowFilm emitters will produce higher yields in less time while consuming significantly less energy. GrowFilm’s unique, flexible, form factor requires NO heat sink allowing for low-cost applications with either vertical or horizontal grows. Less heat, energy, and water consumption equals less expense. Shorter grow cycles and higher wet weights equals higher income per square foot of growing area. Together, GrowFilm Lighting Systems can significantly improve your bottom line!

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