Growers Soil

growers soil

Growers is a Colorado owned and operated soil and nutrient company, and has been since we started in 2015. Our products are crafted with Colorado hands and hearts. After 15+ years of experience as growers, we know how to make a consistent and effective line of soils and nutrients the Colorado way – with the environment at the top of our minds. And now we’re bringing all that knowledge to Oklahoma.

Our facility uses minimal amounts of fossil fuels and water in the manufacturing process and environmentalists give us lots of high fives. Plus, the whole facility is run on wind and solar powered electricity and supplemented with conventional power.

We use custom developed technology from over 20 years in the industry to create every batch, one bag at a time. Every batch is mixed to make your dollar go farther. We’ve figured out the moisture rate in the product, so we can deliver maximum volume per pallet.

We are entrepreneurs, nurturers, scientists and students of the school of hard knocks. We pride ourselves on the consistency and quality of our products. If you buy a bag of soil now and buy a bag in five years, it’s going to be the exact same product.

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