Grow Pros Solutions


Grow Pros Solutions is a leading grow light manufacturer owned by Portor Industry. Our headquarters and testing laboratories are based in California, and we have a combined industry experience of over ten years.

 Grow Pros is the trusted grow lights brand for unmatched customer service, professional-grade, innovative products, and detail-oriented expertise. We’re on a mission to help our customers succeed at every stage, from consultation to setup to troubleshooting.

 With extensive research combined with tailoring our products to customer needs, Grow Pros Solutions promises premium, affordable grow lights that will bring your operation to new heights. We have so much confidence in our LED grow lights, we give all fixtures a 7-year limited warranty.

 Grow Pros Solutions is committed to offering high-value, efficient, high-quality lights with specifications to prove it. All our LED lights are ETL-certified and have been tested for top efficiency and performance. Optimize your plant yields and grow with Grow Pros.