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Green House Feeding

Green House Feeding | cannabis businesses and services

From the Strain Hunters and Green House Seed Co, Green House Feeding’s powder mineral line maximizes a plants full genetic potential while reducing a grower’s labor time and effort. With highest quality inputs such as EDTA chelated micronutrients and calcium (allowing for greater bioavailability), growers worldwide can achieve unparalleled results while maximizing efficiency. Lowering your per gallon cost, (not selling you salt water) increasing shelf life, and simplicity of application fall in line with the “Keep it Simple” mantra at Green House. With the success of the mineral line, Green House recently launched their powdered Bio Line. With its slow timed release it makes the application even easier! With both a mineral and Bio Line GHF powders are foolproof for the home gardener and extremely efficient for the large-scale farmer.

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